Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Technical Progress - Physical Installation

Today was a significant juncture in the technical development of the piece. We met with our cultural center point person, Nate, building engineer, Brian and elevator engineer, Mike. Although we had hoped to access the elevator control room and tap into the elevator data (movement and position info) as well as the speaker system, we learned that would not be possible for liability reasons. Our backup plan was to put the equipment on top of the lighting canopy in the elevator cab and use sensors to detect movement and position.

Mike positioned the elevator so we could see exactly what was above the canopy and above the elevator cab. As he climbed on top of the elevator cab it looked like a scene from Die Hard. He showed us the hatch doors where we could run power down into the cab. I really hope I never have to be hauled out of a stuck elevator - there are many obstacles - not sure how it could be done.

Unfortunately there was very little room above the canopy inside the elevator so Mike suggested installing the equipment above the cab. The problem with that is we would only be able to access the equipment with his help and we need unlimited access for development and troubleshooting. However, Mike was very helpful in finding a solution within the cab. He showed us a small but adequate space behind a wall panel. Perfect! We will have an accessible and secure location for the installation.

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